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Promo Image Rush for the White House

Promo Image Rush for the White House

Promo Image Rush for the White House

Do you have what it takes to become the next president of the United States?

Election Game 2012: Race for the White House for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones or talbets puts you in the political hot seat and allows you to manage your own election campaign.
Raise funds and spend your cash on advertisement, make television appearances to charm the public, or run secret covert operations to outmaneuver your opponent.
These are just a few of the options this election game has to offer.

Game Quick Overview:

  • Fun strategy game-play
  • Pick your own candidate
  • Pinch to zoom campaign map
  • Appear on TV shows
  • React to humorous world news
  • Run advertisement campaigns
  • Rally volunteers
  • Fund raising
  • Dig for dirt on your opponent (dirty politics)
  • Run secret covert operations (smear your opponent)

Pick your favorite candidate (Barack Obama or Mitt Romney) and get your election campaign started. The pinch to zoom US campaign map allows you to navigate and travel the states and set your campaign priorities.

As in real politics tough decisions need to be made and calculated risks need to be taken. Accept risky funds that might result in a scandal or go on the offensive and dig for dirt on your opponent. You'll quickly learn that in today's politics no campaign is won without dirty tricks and secret operations.

Get your free copy of this fun strategy game today for your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices and get your camaign started!