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Promo Image Rush for the White House

Promo Image Rush for the White House

Promo Image Rush for the White House

Do you have what it takes to become the next president of the United States?

Election Game 2012: Race for the White House for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones or talbets puts you in the political hot seat and allows you to manage your own election campaign.
Raise funds and spend your cash on advertisement, make television appearances to charm the public, or run secret covert operations to outmaneuver your opponent.
These are just a few of the options this election game has to offer.

Game Quick Overview:

  • Fun strategy game-play
  • Pick your own candidate
  • Pinch to zoom campaign map
  • Appear on TV shows
  • React to humorous world news
  • Run advertisement campaigns
  • Rally volunteers
  • Fund raising
  • Dig for dirt on your opponent (dirty politics)
  • Run secret covert operations (smear your opponent)

Pick your favorite candidate (Barack Obama or Mitt Romney) and get your election campaign started. The pinch to zoom US campaign map allows you to navigate and travel the states and set your campaign priorities. 

As in real politics tough decisions need to be made and calculated risks need to be taken. Accept risky funds that might result in a scandal or go on the offensive and dig for dirt on your opponent. You'll quickly learn that in today's politics no campaign is won without dirty tricks and secret operations. 

Get your free copy of this fun strategy game today for your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices and get your camaign started!


Race for the White House - How to play


Election Game

1. Choose your candidate.
This also determents what party (Democrat / Republican) you join.

Election Game

2. What do you think about these issues?
Move the slider so that it corresponds with your opinion. This has a big influence on your popularity. 

Election Game

3. Pick 4 campaign points. 
These are the main focus points of your campaign. 

4. This concludes the start-up phase.
Let's start the campaign. 

Election Game5. The map Screen.
The map screen is the place where all the action takes place.
Your character will start in his home state.
The map will have different colors.

Red stands for Republican, blue for Democrats and grey means that it's a swing state. The goal of the game is to win the election in more states than your opponent.

How do you win votes in a state?
There are various things you can do to win votes and take the White House, which include:
1- Make money, lots of money (fund raising & volunteers);
2- Buy ads in a state;
3- Go on a talk show;
4- Cheat and lie using the detective or covert agent;

Make Money Money is everything in the campaign.
With money you can buy ads, rally volunteers and start investigations.
How do I raise some money?
At the start of a week you can choose between a number of funding offers.
Choose wisely because the more money a fund generates the more likely it will get you in trouble (scandals).
Every fund will have an indication how save / risky it is.
You can also choose the save option "hold fundraiser banquet ", but you don't know how much money you receive and it's typically not that much! 

Election Game6. Rally volunteers 
Another great way to make money is to rally volunteers.
Volunteers use their manpower to make calls in a state and ask for donations.
The more volunteers you recruit the more money you earn!
Tip: Rally volunteers in states that you are popular and have a large population.

Buy ads
Let's start with buying ads. In a turn (week) you can visit all states and invest in ads in every state.
The more money you invest in a state the more votes you get in that state.
Make sure you are spending more money on ads than your opponent does.


Election Game7. Use the talk show
You can visit a talk show in the state you are currently in. Visiting a talk show can only be done once every turn (week). The outcome of the talk show can be positive or negative so watch out! 

Election Game8. Detective and Covert.
Are you struggling to beat your opponent?
There is always a way, maybe it's not exactly clean, but it works! Use the detective and the covert agent to play dirty. 

The detective will find the dirt you need. What is your opponent hiding? It takes some money and some time but he will find something you can use against your opponent. The deeper you dig the higher the reward will be. 

If that's not enough you can always cheat! Use the covert agent to plant something incriminating and leak it to the press. Your votes will rise and victory is just around the corner! The more money you spend the greater the result. 


"What do volunteers do?"
They raise money in a state. 

"Why should I buy ads?"
Ads generate votes, the more votes the better. 

"What do the colors of the map represent?"
Red = Republican: blue = Democrat: grey = swing state 

"How long is the campaign?"
15 weeks (turns) 

"What do I gain by doing a talk show?"
You can gain up to 5% +votes in the state your are in (you can also loose votes!) 

"Why does the cost of travel fluctuate"
The further you travel the more money is cost to get there. 

"What purposes have the covert and detective buttons?
With the covert and detective buttons extra actions can be bought.
Like an investigation or an illegal action. Try it out and see what will happen. 

"I cannot start the talk show, help!"
Your candidate has to be in the same state where you want to start the talk show. And you can only do one talk show every week (turn).